Why Does Mold Grow Under Solar Panels and How To Remove It

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2024

The presence of mold under solar panels is a common yet often overlooked issue. 

This problem not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your home but also significantly hampers the efficiency of your solar energy system. 

Mold growth is typically triggered by a combination of moisture and limited sunlight, conditions frequently found under solar panels. 

Understanding the reasons behind this phenomenon is crucial for any homeowner looking to maximize their investment in solar energy. Regular solar panel cleaning plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of these units. 

Ignoring mold on solar panels can lead to reduced energy output and potentially costly repairs. Our focus in this article is to shed light on the causes of mold growth and the effective strategies for its removal, ensuring your solar panels function at their peak efficiency. 

For those seeking professional assistance, exploring a reliable solar panel cleaning service is a key step towards sustaining your solar panels' optimal performance. Learn more about our solar panel cleaning services here.

Understanding Mold on Solar Panels

Mold growth under solar panels is a challenge that many homeowners face, yet its causes and implications are not widely understood.

The Causes of Mold Growth

Mold thrives in environments that offer moisture and organic material. The area beneath solar panels often becomes a prime spot for mold due to the accumulation of debris and moisture. In humid climates, the likelihood of mold formation increases, exacerbated by the shadows cast by the panels themselves, which can keep the area underneath damp for extended periods.

The Effects of Mold on Solar Panels

Mold on solar panels can be more than just a cosmetic issue. It can obstruct sunlight, hindering the panels' ability to absorb energy efficiently. This obstruction leads to a decrease in energy production and, consequently, a higher electricity bill. Moreover, if left unchecked, mold can cause physical damage to the solar panels, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

Impact of Mold on Solar Panels Performance

The detrimental effects of mold on solar panels are significant and can impact both the performance and longevity of your solar energy system. Understanding these impacts is crucial for maintaining optimal functionality and energy efficiency.

Reducing Solar Panel Efficiency

One of the most immediate effects of mold growth on solar panels is the reduction in their energy efficiency. Mold, along with dirt and debris, forms a layer on the solar panels that obstructs sunlight. This obstruction diminishes the panels' ability to absorb solar energy, leading to a noticeable decrease in power output. Even a thin layer of mold can have a substantial impact, potentially reducing the energy efficiency of the solar panels by a significant percentage.

Long-Term Damage and Reduced Lifespan

The presence of mold on solar panels can also lead to long-term damage if not addressed promptly. Over time, mold can corrode the surface of the panels, impacting their structural integrity. This corrosion can cause micro-cracks and other physical damages that are not immediately visible but can significantly shorten the lifespan of the panels. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance become essential to prevent such long-term damage, ensuring that the investment in solar energy remains sound for years to come.

Preventative Measures Against Mold

Preventing mold growth under solar panels is key to preserving their efficiency and longevity. Taking proactive steps can save homeowners from costly repairs and energy losses.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular solar panel cleaning is the most effective way to prevent mold growth. Cleaning the panels removes the organic material and moisture that mold needs to grow, thereby inhibiting its development. It's recommended to schedule regular cleaning sessions, especially after periods of heavy rain or in environments prone to high humidity. 

Additionally, routine inspections can help identify any potential issues before they escalate into more significant problems.

Professional Assessment and Treatment

For homeowners who are unsure about the state of their solar panels or how to properly maintain them, consulting with a professional solar panel cleaning company can be invaluable. These experts can assess the condition of the panels, identify any mold growth, and suggest the best course of action. They have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively remove mold and other contaminants, ensuring the panels operate at their maximum capacity. 

Professional services also offer the benefit of thoroughness, often detecting issues that might be missed in a DIY approach.

DIY vs. Professional Mold Removal

Choosing the right approach for removing mold from solar panels is critical to ensure safety and effectiveness. Homeowners often face the decision between DIY methods and hiring professionals. Understanding the pros and cons of each approach is vital.

Risks of DIY Mold Removal

DIY methods for removing mold from solar panels can seem appealing due to perceived cost savings. However, they come with significant risks. Without the proper tools and knowledge, one might inadvertently damage the solar panels. Harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive tools can scratch the surface, while excessive water pressure can dislodge connections. 

Additionally, climbing onto roofs poses safety risks. The complexities and potential dangers of DIY mold removal often outweigh the benefits.

Advantages of Professional Services

Professional solar panel cleaning services offer numerous advantages. 

Firstly, they possess the necessary equipment and expertise to remove mold without damaging the panels. Professionals understand the nuances of different types of solar panels and tailor their cleaning methods accordingly. They also ensure safety, as they are trained to work on roofs and use appropriate safety gear. 

Additionally, a professional service can provide a thorough inspection, identifying and addressing issues beyond just mold, such as wiring problems or structural damage. This comprehensive approach not only cleans the panels but also contributes to their overall maintenance and longevity.

Solar Soft’s Approach to Removing Mold

As a specialized solar panel cleaning company, Solar Soft employs a systematic approach to removing mold, ensuring safety and efficiency. Our methods are designed to maximize the lifespan and performance of your solar panels.

Our Cleaning Process

At Solar Soft, our cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of the solar panels to assess the extent of mold growth and any potential damage. We use gentle, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that effectively remove mold without harming the panels or the environment. Our team utilizes soft brushes and low-pressure rinsing methods to ensure that the solar panels are cleaned thoroughly without any risk of damage. This approach not only removes the existing mold but also prevents future growth.

Why Choose Solar Soft

Choosing Solar Soft for your solar panel cleaning service needs means opting for reliability and expertise. Our team is trained in the latest techniques and equipped with specialized tools to provide the best care for your solar panels. We understand the importance of maintaining your solar energy investment and are committed to delivering top-notch service. Our approach is not just about cleaning; it’s about extending the life and efficiency of your solar panels. 

With Solar Soft, you can rest assured that your solar panels are in capable hands.


In conclusion, understanding the reasons behind mold growth under solar panels and the effective strategies for its removal is essential for maintaining your solar energy system's efficiency. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance, along with professional assistance, are key to preventing and addressing this issue. If you are looking for expert care for your solar panels, Solar Soft is here to help. Our team provides specialized cleaning services that ensure your solar panels are free of mold and functioning at their best. Don't let mold compromise your solar investment. 

Reach out to us at (855) 925-3267 or via email at [email protected] for top-tier solar panel cleaning services. 

Ensure your solar panels' longevity and efficiency with Solar Soft.

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